What Are The Best Birthday Flowers?


Birthdays are a special moment for everyone. Including you, your parents, family, loved ones, friends, and even your business colleague. Birthdays for some people is a day that should be celebrated because it only comes once a year. Birthday means celebrating the day of birth. You can celebrate in many ways such as have an all-night long party, have dinner with a loved one, or spend time with herself. One memorable and most awaited thing when the birthday comes is the birthday present.

There are many traditions of giving birthday gifts in every different culture from then until now. But the most common birthday gift is a flower bouquet. Birthday gift delivery Singapore has made it easy for people to send flower bouquets as birthday gifts.

Giving flowers to your loved ones has a profound meaning. But as many people know, flowers have many meanings. Ensure you give the right flowers to the right person so that they can receive the message you want to convey.

  1. Birthday flowers for parents

Starting from roses with a variety of colors or exotic orchids, many choices of flowers that can make your parents feel special on their birthday.

A bouquet of pink lily flowers symbolizes the infinite gratitude you feel for your mother. You can also express your gratitude with roses. You can choose roses of any color other than red.

Orchids can also be your choice because they are easy to care for and are durable. Orchids symbolize love, beauty, and strength, which is perfect in celebration of your mother’s birthday.

If you’re still confused about deciding, you can mix several types of flowers. For example, combine roses with lily flowers to create a beautiful bouquet. If you like larger bouquets, you can add irises, orchids, and magnolia leaves to make it the best birthday flower bouquet that one can’t forget.

  1. Birthday flowers for beloved ones

As a universal symbol of love, red roses are not only suitable for Valentine’s Day only. Red roses can always be a solution when to please your wife or girlfriend at various events, including her birthday.

Nothing beats a red rose when you want to say, “I love you.” Choose a hand bouquet with 50 sprigs of red roses if you want to express your unconditional love. If your relationship hasn’t been long, you can consider roses in pink. Pink roses symbolize poetic love and a sweet attitude.

Another safe option is to choose your partner’s favorite flower with his or her favorite color. Without a doubt, he will surely melt away with your efforts to please him.

There are many other best gifts that you can give along with a bouquet. If you’re planning on taking her for a romantic dinner, feel free to add a bar of chocolate as a sweetener.

  1. Birthday flowers for sister

A pink rose that symbolizes a softer side of love will always be the right choice for your sister’s birthday. Not only does it apply to red roses, but pink roses are also perfect for conveying unconditional love.

A bouquet of tulips can also be a perfect choice as a symbol of attention and bonding. Choose pink tulips that signify brotherly love or purple tulips as a sign of admiration.

Many women love a teddy bear’s golden figure, so it doesn’t harm adding a teddy bear to the bouquet you want to give to your sister. That way, you can make her birthday more memorable.


  1. Birthday flowers for best friend

Suppose you want to choose a birthday bouquet for your best friend, no need to worry about the meaning of the flower you choose. All you have to do is look for bright-colored flowers that will bring happiness and joy.

The choice of flowers that you can choose one of them is a bouquet of gerbera flowers. You can also mix several types of flowers, such as roses and lisianthus flowers.

Yellow flowers are also perfect for showing your attention to your best friend, as they show friendship, goodwill, and joy. An example is a bouquet of sunflowers that will never fail to brighten your best friend’s day.


  1. Birthday flowers for business colleagues

Are most of your business colleagues men? Perhaps you question, is it necessary to send flowers to a male friend to his office? Or even for your boyfriend’s birthday? The era has evolved, and nowadays, lots of men can appreciate the gift of beautiful flower arrangements. But, what kind of interest is right to give?

Exotic flowers such as protea are suitable for men. Types of tropical flowers whose shape is not very feminine can also be your choice. Sunflower is also one type of flower that is safe for you to give. If you are still hesitant to take risks, you can also give plants in vases that can decorate their office or home space for a longer period.

Why choose flowers as a gift?

Perhaps some of us still doubt why you should choose flowers as a birthday gift compared to many other gifts? In fact, the use of flower arrangements has been found thousands of years ago. If you think giving flowers to your girlfriend is old-fashioned, that’s the right thing to do. At least this culture has been around since 4000 years ago. People from different backgrounds continue this culture to this day. Many meanings of flowers are derived from the past culture. Here is the benefit of the flower.

  1. Give a positive energy

A number of studies have been conducted to find out why humans love flowers so much, and many of them lead to one conclusion: flowers make us feel happy. Having plants and flowers around us improves mental health and cognitive performance. So if you don’t feel excited at work, try bringing flowers to brighten up your desk. Not only that, there are many other benefits that you may not know about.

  1. Understand the feelings of the flower giver

If you give a bouquet to someone, it could be because there’s something you want to tell them. It is a sign that we are thinking about the person. A certain type of flower also has a special meaning.

In England, giving flowers was popular. There are even many books about the “language of flowers.” It is because people cannot express their feelings directly, especially to lovers. Many people use “flower dictionaries” to create bouquets according to the message they want to convey. This flower’s language is called “floriography”, which is still used today.

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