5G and IoT Growth – an Expanding Threat Surface

The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT), 5G-enabled connectivity and edge-based service offerings all expose new business opportunities – and new operational challenges – for mobile operators. This expanded service reach and traffic growth comes with greater urgency to protect a much more expansive, ephemeral network perimeter encompassing subscribers, the mobile RAN/core, internal datacenters and service delivery infrastructure and multi-access edge computing (MEC). Mobile networks have become the new Internet on-ramp of choice for millions of users and enterprises. Securing this complex network environment requires scalable, real-time visibility, detection, and mitigation of threats that can impact the performance and availability of mobile consumer services and network infrastructure.

Mobile Network Security Strategy Diagram

(1) Arbor Sightline and Threat Mitigation System (TMS) automatically detect and mitigate inbound DDoS attacks targeting the mobile SGI/N6 interface.

(2) MobileStream DPI and Arbor Sightline Mobile monitor, detect and correlate outbound cyberattacks and other threats in the mobile core targeting both mobile subscriber devices and MNO infrastructure.

(3) Virtual Arbor Sightline, TMS and Arbor Edge Defense (AED) protect vital service delivery infrastructure in the MEC from DDoS attacks and other threats.

(4) NETSCOUT’s Omnis Security suite enables SecOps teams to rapidly identify, block and trace back cyberattacks and other threats targeting the MNO’s own IT infrastructure.

NETSCOUT Cybersecurity Solutions for MNOs

From the most broad attacks to the most targeted, NETSCOUT's industry-leading visibility and mitigation solutions have you covered.

Protect Mobile Core from Internet Sourced DDoS Attacks

Arbor Sightline and TMS automatically detect and surgically mitigate internet sourced DDoS attacks that impact mobile SGI/N6 interfaces.

Protect Mobile Core from Compromised Mobile Devices

MobileStream monitors GTP-c and GTP-u traffic and streams enriched telemetry to Arbor Sightline Mobile for unprecedented subscriber-level and infrastructure-aware traffic visibility and threat detection.

Protect Services in MEC

Virtualized Arbor Edge Defense, Sightline Mobile and TMS, protect critical services running in multi-access edge computing (MEC) from DDoS attacks and other cyberthreats.

Corporate IT Protection

Protect supporting services running in corporate IT networks from cyberattacks with Omnis Network Security.

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