Is Security “Tool Sprawl” Your Hectic Reality?

The threat landscape is constantly evolving and so are the security systems designed to address it. More tools mean more security, right? If only that were true. Unfortunately, evaluating, upgrading, testing, and adding security systems places new demands on security and network operations. The challenges are especially acute when it comes to scaling out security deployments across your networks and data centers. Can your network security systems keep up as you upgrade your networks to 10G, 40G and 100G? Our IT network security visibility tools and software can.

Pervasive Security Visibility

T Network & Security Visibility Tools

Packet flow systems from NETSCOUT solve the problem of limited packet visibility by creating a unified packet plane that logically separates security systems from the network, thereby de-risking and streamlining your security deployments. nGenius Packet Flow Systems (PFS) are appliances that optimize the flow of packets from the network to the security monitoring systems.

They perform key flow management functions, such as speed conversion, aggregation, and load balancing, acting as a “traffic cop” and taking the load off your network security systems. At the same time, they ensure uninterrupted network and security monitoring in the event of a power loss or tool failure, so that traffic can be quickly rebalanced, all within one powerful IT network security visibility tool set.

The Need for IT Network Security & Visibility at Scale

You need full packet visibility so that your IT network security monitoring systems can perform their job effectively. In order to achieve the highest efficiency, they should only be processing the traffic they are designed the see. Otherwise, precious processing resources are consumed by filtering or load-balancing the packets, before the security logic can be applied to them.

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nGenius Packet Flow Systems

  • NETSCOUT offers flexibility and choice with its software-driven network packet brokers. These IT network security and visibility tools scale easily and cost-effectively to meet your exact network security and monitoring needs.

  • The industry's highest capacity for passive security monitoring—with 6TB of line-rate throughput per chassis

  • Scalability  from 1G to 100G, delivering the highest density on the market in either 100G, 40G, 10G or 1G ports

  • For active (inline) monitoring, full application health checks and conditional triggers ensure that your security systems perform as designed and that your monitoring infrastructure can automatically respond to any contingencies.

  • nGenius software-based tool chaining allows you to place your security systems into a customizable virtual chain. This reduces the port requirement by 50 percent, freeing up ports to connect more systems.

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How to Fend off the Latest Cyber Threats

In this webinar from SANS, discover the latest cyber-attack methods and approaches facing security teams. Learn how to quickly identify malicious network traffic and how to achieve faster detection and response times.

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Security Visibility at Scale for Dummies

Explore how architecting a modern security visibility network infrastructure can help your business adapt to new threats, lengthen the usefulness of your current security system investments, and enhance uptime and availability to drive business assurance.

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De-Risk and Scale Your Cybersecurity Deployments

Learn how a unified packet plane from NETSCOUT secures your network from cybersecurity threats and performance degradation when scaling your infrastructure.

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How to Select A Security Visibility Solution

Watch this recorded webinar to learn if you are asking the right questions.

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Packet Deduplication with nGenius Packet Flow eXtender

NETSCOUT's packet deduplication technology removes duplicate packets and provides a substantial reduction in the volume of traffic being delivered to, and being processed.

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Protecting Sensitive Data During Monitoring

Traffic visibility in compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc. regulations

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Achieve Business Assurance With unified packet visibility

Discover the Benefits of a Unified Packet Plane

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Optimize Security and Monitoring Systems For 10G and 40G networks

For 10G and 40G networks

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SANS 2017 Security Operations Center Report

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Security Proof of Concepts: Streamlined

Logically separate your network from security systems with a unified packet plane

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Security Visibility At Scale For Dummies

This book shows you how architecting a modern security visibility network infrastructure can help your business adapt to new threats, lengthen the usefulness of your current security system investments, and enhance uptime and availability to drive business assurance.

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Ten Questions to Ask Your Security Visibility Vendor

Confidently evaluate packet flow solutions for your network

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Unlock Optimized Active Security

The threat landscape is always changing, and security solutions must be able to keep up. For most, a network packet broker can help. But how do you know if a solution is right for you?

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Fail-proof Inline Security

Reduce uncertainty, complexity and risk

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Gaining Scalability and Flexibility for Monitoring and Security Tools

Global Financial Services Company Creates Packet Visibility Foundation for the Future

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Government IT Agency Balances Security with High Availability

nGenius packet flow switches ensure flawless rollout of active inline security deployment

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Healthcare Organization Enables Visibility at Scale

The NETSCOUT 100G packet flow solution ensures smooth rollout of critical EHR application

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High Density Monitoring for National Service Provider

nGenius Packet Flow Switches Solve Visibility Challenge

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Managed Security Service Benefits from Deep Packet Visibility

The NETSCOUT nGenius packet flow solution streamlines service delivery for Norway’s Mnemonic

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National Mobile Service Provider Upgrades Monitoring Infrastructure

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North American Service Provider Switches to NETSCOUT for Traffic Aggregation Needs

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Security Service Chaining

How to be sure that everyone gets the right thing when everyone wants everything

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Five Reasons to Select NETSCOUT for Security Visibility

nGenius packet flow switches are deployed world-wide for the most demanding security and service assurance applications. When security-optimized capabilities and value really matter, enterprises and service providers alike select NETSCOUT.

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Security Visibility

NETSCOUT nGenius packet flow systems (PFS) collect and organize the flow of traffic from the network to the security systems and monitoring tools – creating a unified packet plane that logically separates the network layer from the tool layer.

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Inline Security Streamlined

See the benefits of adding inline security to your network and how NETSCOUT packet brokers make deployment and management of inline security tools easy.

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