Introducing nGeniusEDGE Server - For Smart Edge Monitoring

The NETSCOUT® nGeniusEDGE Server, part of the Smart Edge Monitoring solution, expands the scope of visibility into user experience from the client edge through to the service edges.

As many enterprises are operating in a hybrid workforce model, IT organizations are prioritizing quality end-user experience. The home office is now an important client edge. While use of “as a service” solutions for voice, video, and collaboration communications has increased, it has also created a visibility gap for IT.

NETSCOUT’s nGenusEDGE Server expands the scope of visibility into remote user experience that has been absent from many IT departments struggling to monitor their client edge environments.


Reduces "Blind Spots"

nGeniusEDGE fills the gap in WFH and remote office visibility to monitor and test user experience from the client edge to critical service edges.

Improves End-User Experience

Enhances proactive monitoring of the multi-vendor SaaS, UCaaS, Cloud, Data Center, and VoIP application services critical to hybrid employee productivity.

Turnkey Visibility

As a pre-configured system with nGeniusONE and nGeniusPULSE, the nGeniusEDGE Server offers efficiencies in deployment and a quick-time-to-value.

Use Cases for nGeniusEDGE Server

The nGeniusEDGE Server is designed to help IT teams fast-track client edge visibility to assure consistent, reliable, high-quality performance and remote user experience with:

  • Data center and cloud-based applications
  • SaaS and UCaaS solutions
  • VoIP services
  • VPN and VDI services used to secure WFH employee access to business service resources

nGeniusEDGE Server enables IT teams to assure the same high-level end-user experience for WFH employees as is delivered in corporate facilities over ethernet and Wi-Fi network connections.

nGeniusEDGE Server Diagram
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The turnkey nGeniusEDGE Server provides an all-in-one approach for end-user experience monitoring for WFH and remote users accessing SaaS, UCaaS, and custom applications operating in multi-cloud and on-premises data centers.

nGeniusEDGE Features

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