Monitor Applications and Access to Critical Services from the User Perspective

nGeniusPULSE is the end-user experience monitoring platform that delivers the visibility needed into today’s evolving IT eco-system to ensure the availability, reliability and performance of your mission-critical business services across your multi-cloud environment. For work-from-home or remote users, over Ethernet or Wi-Fi, nGeniusPULSE identifies potential problems before they impact the user experience.


Improved End-User Experience

Visibility anytime, anywhere, to see application and network availability and performance from the user perspective

Assure User Experience

Quickly Monitor Application and Network Status

View Red-Yellow-Green status on dashboard, drilldown to test results and performance over time, and review graphs and trend analysis

Capture Smart Data from Work-From-Home/Remote Locations

Use synthetic tests to get Smart Data for deep-dive analysis from nGeniusPULSE into nGeniusONE for unmatched user experience monitoring

Correlate Service Delivery with Infrastructure Health

Verify health of underlying infrastructure supporting network and business-critical applications


NETSCOUT has set a standard for digital experience monitoring and visibility by combining real-time wire-data monitoring in the nGeniusONE platform with synthetic testing and infrastructure health monitoring from user locations leveraging nGeniusPULSE nPoint sensors, providing IT with solutions for quality end-user experience.

NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management
Fact Sheet

NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management

NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management arms today’s IT teams with rapid troubleshooting and faster mean-time-to-remediate issues impacting remote users, with a combination of packet monitoring and synthetic testing in a single solution




Flexible user experience monitoring instrumentation options with nPoints- hardware device and virtual agents

Remote Site Assurance

Visibility at the point of impact is required – you have to be there

nGenius Performance Management

Capture smart data from synthetic test results and analyze in nGeniusONE

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