Enterprises need to seamlessly incorporate end-to-end security and network performance analysis into their complex data center, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures to deliver vital business services.

The Omnis Data Streamer is a powerful data export platform that addresses the needs for comprehensive security and performance analysis that can provide valuable insights. By leveraging scalable, deep packet inspection (DPI) and combining it with NETSCOUT’s patented Adaptive Service Intelligence® (ASI) technology producing real-time, layer 2-7 metadata we call “Smart Data”.  This Smart Data fuels smarter analytics, ensuring enhanced security, improved performance, risk management, and superior decision-making across applications and network services.


Enhanced Security and Risk Management

Offering real-time visibility into network performance, network-based cyberthreats, and user experience, enabling organizations to secure their networks, services and endpoints more effectively. Smart Data combined with other data sources further strengthens security measures and enables security automation.

Improved Performance and Decision-Making

The Omnis Data Streamer empowers organizations to monitor and optimize service performance by gaining insights into the security and performance of all infrastructure and application components. Enabling data-driven decision-making regarding applications, network services, and resource allocation.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

By leveraging NETSCOUT's Smart Data technology, our platform ensures efficient processing, storage, and retrieval of data. By maximizing the utilization of compute and storage resources, we help you optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your organization.