As a communication, cloud, or internet service provider, maintaining network and service availability is paramount to the success and reputation of your organization. One of the biggest threats you face, not only on your backbone network but also in the networks used to run your internal IT infrastructure, is a DDoS attack. Year after year, the size, frequency, and complexity of dynamic DDoS attacks continue to increase – and so too does the risk of downtime to you and your customers.

To protect you and your customers’ services from sophisticated, modern-day, multi-vector DDoS attacks, you must rely upon an adaptable DDoS protection provider that bases its defense on actionable threat intelligence and orchestrated mitigation.

For over 25 years, service providers have relied upon NETSCOUT's Arbor DDoS attack protection products and expertise to eliminate network/service downtime costs and generate revenue by delivering managed DDoS attack protection services to their customers.

A Proven Solution for Adaptable DDoS Attack Detection and Mitigation

Actionable Threat Intelligence

Continuously leverage Netscout ASERT/ATLAS Global Threat Intelligence to stop DDoS attacks.

Automated Attack Detection

Automatically detect and adapt to sophisticated, multi-vector DDoS attacks.

Orchestrated Attack Mitigation

Intelligently orchestrate multiple methods of DDoS attack mitigation.

Cost Savings and Revenue Generation

A single solution for reducing downtime costs and generating revenue via managed DDoS protection services.

Arbor DDoS Attack Protection Solution for Service Providers

Arbor Sightline provides pervasive network visibility and DDoS attack detection
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Sightline Threat Detection
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Pervasive Network Visibility and Adaptable DDoS Attack Detection

Visibility across your entire network infrastructure is a fundamental requirement for DDoS protection. NETSCOUT's Arbor Sightline product is widely recognized as the industry-leading network visibility and DDoS detection solution capable of automatically detecting complex, multi-vector DDoS attacks and coordinating multiple methods of mitigation.

Arbor Sightline

Advanced Detection and Mitigation
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Highly Scalable, Surgical Mitigation

Arbor Threat Mitigation System (TMS) is an Intelligent DDoS Mitigation System (IDMS) that can stop all types of DDoS attacks including large reflection/amplification attacks, state exhaustion or application layer attacks that require advanced, active (i.e. challenge/response) countermeasures. TMS mitigation capacity can scale from sub 1 Mbps to 400 Gbps in a single appliance or up to 40 Tbps in a clustered deployment.

Arbor TMS

Screenshot of Arbor Sentinel showing flows and mitigations
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Intelligently Orchestrated DDoS Attack Mitigation Provider

The modern-day DDoS attack is large (e.g. multiple Tbps in size) and complex (e.g. hundreds of Mpps and simultaneously uses 30+ attack vectors). Stopping these attacks takes multiple, simultaneous methods of mitigation. Arbor Sightline with Sentinel can intelligently orchestrate multiple methods of attack mitigation including Flowspec, Arbor TMS and even coordination with an upstream ISP to provide optimized and controlled protection.

Arbor Sentinel

Omnis Threat Horizon animated map of attacks
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Continuously Fueled by Actionable Threat Intelligence

Industry-leading products alone aren't enough. To defend yourself from the latest DDoS threats, you need timely threat intelligence. The entire Arbor DDoS attack protection solution is continuously armed with global threat intelligence and expertise from the NETSCOUT ASERT Team. Our ATLAS global sensor network currently monitors 424 Tbps of internet traffic and knows more about DDoS attack activity and best practices in defense than all other vendors.

NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence

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