SpectraSecure DDoS Resilience Testing

Verify DDoS Attack Resilience Before an Attack Happens

NETSCOUT SpectraSecure

Using built in, configurable DDoS attack vectors, SpectraSecure tests resilience to DDoS attack in a controlled manner. Regardless of where mitigation takes place, SpectraSecure can verify that your applications, networks, or services can withstand attack before the attack happens.


NETSCOUT SpectraSecure

Test Targets

  • Devices:
    Routers and Switches with built-in DDoS protection
  • Applications:
    Session Border Controllers (SBCs), Web Servers, Firewalls, Web Application Firewalls (WAF), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Networks:
    On-premises, cloud, or hybrid-cloud DDoS mitigation solutions

Benefits of NETSCOUT SpectraSecure

  • Verify DDoS Attack Resilience: Measure DDoS Attack Resilience before an attack happens
  • Controlled Attacks: SpectraSecure DDoS test attacks use common attack vectors to emulate real world scenarios, including multi-vector attacks, but they are 100% controlled by you
  • Test Lab or Production: SpectraSecure can be used in your test lab as part of your regular qualification effort or in your live network
  • Flexible Deployment: SpectraSecure can be deployed in a virtual infrastructure and scaled as necessary or on COTS hardware with optional high-performance NICs
  • Integration: SpectraSecure’s REST API enables integration into your existing test automation or DevOps framework


  • Easy to use Web Interface

  • Built-in DDoS Attack Vectors

  • Customizable packet content

  • REST API for automation

  • Deploy in virtual environments or COTS servers

  • Optional high performance NIC

  • Data Sheet

SpectraSecure for DDoS Resilience Testing

Verifying Resilience to DDoS Attacks

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